Our Legal Services – Intellectual Property Protection

We help you build individual patent strategies that will comprehensively and thoroughly protect your intellectual property.

By entrusting patentConsult with the management of your interests you have chosen an international, renowned intellectual property law firm which handles all aspects of intellectual property rights.

We are your patent attorneys.

  • Prosecuting, enforcing and defending national, regional and international intellectual property rights, particularly patents, utility models, designs as well as trademarks
  • Drafting licensing, cooperation and know-how transfer agreements
  • Preparing expert opinions on intellectual property rights
  • Assisting clients in building individual intellectual property protection strategies
  • Counseling clients during all phases (setting goals, definition, implementation) of the intercompany technical invention process

We have six partners in two locations. They work closely with a strong legal team, which has a wide range of technical and legal backgrounds.

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